Are you interested in continuing your education to perfect your craft as an electrical and systems contractor? IEC National offers a wide variety of training opportunities that are sure to help you achieve all of your goals. Review the many different training sessions below to identify the best fit for you. Education doesn't end after apprenticeship!

Electrical and Systems Training Series

The Electrical and Systems Training Series (ESTS) is made up of different units geared towards non-apprentice electricians. This program consists of various refresher courses for experienced electricians. Topics within the ESTS library will include: Motor Controls, Electrical Theory, Code, Blueprint, Electrical Learning, Fire Alarm, and Leadership. Within these overarching areas, there may be more than one section offered. For instance, within Motor Controls there are currently a 100 and a 200 course. It is important to note that these are stand-alone 40-hour courses; an individual does not have to complete every ESTS course offering. Prerequisites may be required, however, to complete a module.

With the development of the ESTS courses, the newly revamped Professional Electricians Program (PEP) will consist of nine of the 15 proposed ESTS courses. PEP will provide an alternative path for those who have electrical experience to gain the classroom knowledge without having to complete the four-year Electrical Apprenticeship Program.

IEC has released the second edition of the IEC National Fire Alarm Systems Curriculum, which is now part of the ESTS coursework.

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Electrical Project Management Institute

An intense two-week program at Purdue University, designed by electrical contractors for electrical contractors, the 80-hour electrical project management course is presented in two non-consecutive 40-hour session weeks. The curriculum includes profitability strategies, estimating techniques, planning and scheduling, business management, and much more. The course's 35 modules are taught by leading Purdue faculty members with many years of experience in the theory and practice of electrical project management.

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See what the Electrical Project Management Institute is all about. Click here to watch a presentation by Project Management Institute instructor Kirk Alter, as he discusses the different topics covered during the two sessions and the knowledge and value you will bring back to your company.

IEC Instructor Training Program

This new Instructor Training Program is a media-rich experience that teaches IEC’s philosophy, apprenticeship, IEC curriculum resources, and instructional methods through video and interactive activities. Navigation will be made simple with an intuitive graphic interface to the five units and easily accessible targeted modules covering several topics.

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