Be Recognized as an Advanced Electrician

Obtaining an IEC Certified Professional Electrician Credential (formerly known as IEC Journeyman Credential) demonstrates that IEC members have volunteered to go above and beyond to test their knowledge and skills as a professional electrician.

What Will the Credential Do for Me?
  • Greater employability to contractors.
  • Distinguish yourself amongst other electricians.
  • Demonstrate your personal commitment to excellence and education.
  • Maximize career opportunities and earning potential. 


Graduates of the Four-Year IEC Apprentice Training Program and those who work for an IEC contractor are eligible to earn the distinction of IEC Certified Professional Electrician. Individuals who hold this prestigious title will be highly sought after by the many employers that are seeking skilled electricians. 


“Being certified helps me and my employer. If we expand into new areas, they know there is someone on staff who has proven that they have versatile skills
and can excel anywhere.”
- Jamie Sweet, Master Electrician, Fox Electric, Dallas, TX, IEC Certified Professional Electrician

2019 Course Offerings
Location: Date:
Dallas, Texas April 12 & 13, 2019
Fort Worth, Texas May 3 & 4, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia May 6 & 7, 2019
Cincinnati, OH May 31 & June 1, 2019
St. Louis, MO (2019 IEC Convention & Expo) October 1, 2019


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Certified Professional Electrician Exam Overview

The IEC National Certified Professional Electrician Exam covers the key concepts and practical skills across the four-year IEC Electrical Apprenticeship Program. Competencies on these exams come from the Core Concepts, which appear at the end of each year. These two exams occur over a two (2) day period.

The written exam is a compilation of questions from IEC four-year apprentice training tests and reflects the current National Electrical Code (NEC). The exam will range from 80-100 questions, with a four (4) hour time limit. In order to pass, a candidate must achieve a minimum of 75%.

The practical exam is a hands-on exam, which consists of nine total activities and will be graded using a pass/fail system. In order to successfully pass this portion of the exam, the candidate must pass all components. Should a person fail one of these portions, they will be given the option to continue testing or they are entitled to leave. On a retest, the candidate must pass all components.

If an individual fails the exam they must still pay the Practical Exam fee.  


$150.00 fee is required with the application. This includes the written and practical exams, along with the application fee. All transportation, lodging, and meals are the responsibility of the applicant.

If an applicant needs to retake any exam, only the applicable retake fee(s) is required. However, at least thirty (30) days must pass before any retake exam. A maximum of three attempts are allowed to pass.

  • Retake Written Exam: $70.00
  • Retake Practical Exam: $100.00

Current IEC Certified Professional Electricians

Those who pass the practical and written exams become a IEC Certified Professional Electrician. These select indivduals have demonstrated their superior skill and knowledge, have passed the exam, and earned the right to be called IEC Certified Professional Electricians! 

Matt Doth
Biz Com Electric
IEC of Greater Cincinnati
2017 Apprentice of the Year Competition Winner

Jacob Gray
Denier Electric
IEC of Greater Cincinnati

Michael Hampton
Ohio Valley Electrical Services
IEC of Greater Cincinnati

Erich Hunter
Biz Com Electric
IEC of Greater Cincinnati

Zach Roll
IEC of Greater Cincinnati

Scot Russell
Stapleton Electric
IEC of Greater Cincinnati

Josh Schmidt
Queen City Electric
IEC of Greater Cincinnati

Jamie Sweet
Fox Electric
IEC of Dallas

Jeremy Thompson
ICS Electrical Services
IEC of Greater Cincinnati

David Watkins
Lee Stultz Electric
IEC of Greater Cincinnati

Bill Witty
Milestone Electric
IEC of Dallas


*The IEC Certified Professional Electrician Credential does not replace any state licenses.